Welcome to the SpellCast MC Wiki!

This is a wiki about a MC java edition server. This is a wiki for the people who want information about stuff. To play the server the ip is

Guides The guide to getting started

Spells (Offensive, Defensive, etc)

Areas, Arenas, and Locations The First Arena (Beginners)

NPCs Shopkeepers (The Villagers that sell stuff) Silverfish Shopkeeper (Sells boss related things for the boss "Sephiroth")

Mobs Infected (First Enemies you usually see)

Bosses and Minibosses (Ordered in progression) Sephiroth (First boss)

Melee Weapons Hitting Bat (Melee) (Arena 1) Sword (Melee) (Upgraded Hitting Bats) (Arena 1) Fiery Sword (Melee) (Uncommon) (Arena 1) Soul Splitter (Melee) (Uncommon) (Arena 1) Obstructer of Lands (Melee) (Rare) (Arena 1)

Armor and Utility Items

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